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Book Review: Bizzy Bear Pizza Time by Benji Davies, worth £6.99

Book review by VIP Club Member Jennifer Elsdon.

Bizzy Bear Pizza Time by Benji Davies


In our house we are huge literary fans. Having children, I was always keen to share my love of books and I feel I have been successful. Bizzy Bear Pizza Time I feel is targeted towards younger toddlers and babies just given that it is a solid and durable looking board book, however my pizza loving five-year-old had as much enjoyment from the book as my ten-month-old did.

The pictures are beautifully brightly coloured and any interactive book is always going to be a hit, the push and pull and slider feature was well loved by both children. We haven't read any books by Benji Davies before, but the repetitive nature of the word pattern is great for my son who is learning to read and also not too long that my daughter loses interest.

One particular feature I stumbled upon by accident was that there is a QR code on the back which can be scanned and you can hear the story being read with prompts to turn the page and this feature is completely free, I thought this was a nice little extra especially where trying to promote independence in reading with younger school aged children.

Bizzy Bear Pizza Time