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What to Write in Baby's First Christmas Card?

You can get the best first Christmas cards for your baby online from Boomf where you can choose from a wide range of designs. Christmas is a happy event that is even more suitable for children than it is for adults as only pure hearts can truly understand the true meaning of the holiday. Christmas wishes for babies are a great way to show your love and to make Christmas a special holiday for them from their early years to enhance the richness and delicacy of the candies and cookies, as well as the anticipation of Santa's visit and, of course, the gifts. Check out the collection of Christmas for baby's first Christmas cards below to find the perfect phrase to put on a child's first Christmas card. Share the joy of Christmas with kids by sending them these sweet greetings.

Messages for Kids

Check out our list of messages for kids and find inspiration for your own heartfelt and sweet greeting.

* May all your desires and dreams come true. Happy Holidays, baby!
* I hope the joy of Christmas stays with you throughout the rest of the year. Happy holidays, little angel.
* Merry Christmas to you, little one. I hope Santa brings you the best present so you may have the happiest first Christmas ever.
* I wish you happiness and love throughout your life. Merry Christmas, my sweetest little baby.
* The finest Christmases are the ones I get to spend with you. Happy holidays, my sweet child.
* Dear child, may all your Christmas dreams come true. Enjoy your day!
* I hope that each Christmas will be even better than your first one. And we will make your first Christmas a fairy tale. Love you, my baby!
* I ask Jesus to provide you lots of love, knowledge, and good fortune during this Christmas. Happy holidays, little one!
* Christmas is all about joy and pleasant surprises. This Christmas, you are my joy!
* This Christmas, you are the happiest kid around and are spreading your joy to everyone. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!
* May you always be surrounded by love, wealth, and happiness. Santa must be especially kind to a cute girl like you, I'm sure. Happy holidays and a prosperous new year.
* I hope that this holiday always brings you the same joy and helps you find your way home, no matter how old you get. I'd like to wish you a happy holiday.
* Christmas is a time of surprises and fresh beginnings. I wish you luck, light, hope, love, and a bright future. May your first Christmas be as wonderful as you are!
* I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with nothing but good fortune and happiness. With love, your parents.
* May you have a greater Christmas than the one before and grow even more in love with your family.
* May Lord Jesus fill your life with wonderful experiences that make you smile all the time. Happy holidays, little one!
* I wish you a season of eternal joy, good fortune, and of course, gifts. A blessed Christmas to you.
* This Christmas, you are the best gift I can have. And I will make sure to shower you with gifts and Christmas magic every year, my sweet child!
* May you have a blessed Christmas filled with peace and love throughout the day! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

Of course, your baby will not be able to read this message right now, but you can save this card as a keepsake for them to read when they grow up and be reminded that you loved and cared for them from the first days of their life. And to make a card appealing to your baby this Christmas, choose a cute and bright design of a baby’s first Christmas card that will capture their attention for sure.