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6 Water Balloon Games for Kids and Adults

Summer is about to come, and it will bring fun outdoor games with it, so why stay at home all day long when you can play outside with your friends!

Water-filled balloon games are pure fun and they are perfect for any outdoor party. These games are so exciting that it really doesn’t matter how old you are! Just throw a party, call your friends, order high-quality but inexpensive balloons like these, and let the fun begin!

The games that we’ve picked up for you will fascinate both kids and adults. After all, fighting or competing with friends with water-filled inflatables is so much fun!

Water Balloon Image by Pexels from PixabayWater Balloons Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Balls & buckets

  1. Divide the participants into two groups;
  2. hand each of them a plastic bucket and water-filled balloons;
  3. team members should stand at some distance from each other;
  4. members of one team take turns throwing inflatables at members of the other group, and the participants must catch the items using the bucket;
  5. if someone fails to catch the ball (and if it doesn’t burst), he throws it back towards the guys from the first group of players, who now have to catch it.

The group who is lucky enough to catch the most items without bursting them becomes the winner!

Balloon tossing

  1. All players must stand in a circle and take one water-filled inflatable;
  2. then, players begin to quickly and randomly toss the ball to each other;
  3. if someone did not catch the ball, or the ball burst when the participant caught it, this person is out of the game.

The last one left wins!

Balloon relay

  1. Create two teams;
  2. all players from both teams must stand in one line;
  3. the players from the first group must take a small air-filled balloon and hold it under the chin;
  4. the task is that the team member must pass the ball to the next participant without touching it with his hands;
  5. if the ball falls, the team starts all over again;
  6. when the ball reaches the last participant in the line, he takes the item from under his chin with his hand and lifts it.

The team that managed to do it first is the winner!

Balls and towel

  1. Divide guests into teams of two members each;
  2. give each team one towel and one inflatable filled with water;
  3. players must put a balloon in the centre of the towel, holding it by the edges with their hands;
  4. now, they need to run to a certain location and then come back.
  5. The one who manages to do it faster than others becomes the winner.


  • * if the balloon falls, the team needs to go back and start over;
  • * to make the competition more interesting, put various obstacles in the players’ way (for example: stretch a rope, put out buckets, make the participants jump or run backwards, etc.).

Multi-coloured balloon basketball

  1. Scatter the water balls throughout the area and hide some of them;
  2. lay out buckets of different colours on the same line: each colour of the bucket corresponds to the same colour of the ball;
  3. the players must find and put the balls of the same colours in buckets over a certain time (one player can bring only one ball at a time);
  4. the leader should stand next to the buckets and write down the players’ results.

Notes: to make the competition more interesting, give each colour of the ball a different number of points that the player receives if he finds it!

Catching the balloons

  1. Divide all your friends into two teams of two people, ask them to stand opposite each other and give them a water-filled inflatable;
  2. a member of the first team throws the ball to someone from the other team who must catch it;
  3. if he fails to catch the balloon or it bursts, the couple loses the round. If they manage to catch the item, they should take a step back, and the distance between them increases, and the next time, when it is their turn to throw the ball again, it will be more difficult to do that!

Notes: ensure that the distance between the players is the same, as different people have different step lengths.