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Summer Recipe - Rainbow Toasties

We dare you to blow the kids’ minds with these cheese toasties that stretch and ooze the colours of the rainbow!


* 2 slices of bread
* A handful of grated mozzarella (or a mix of mozzarella and Cheddar)
* 4 different food colouring gels
* Butter or spreadable butter


  1. Butter both slices of bread then stack them, buttered sides together, on a board.

  2. Split your grated cheese into 4 small dishes, add a squirt of different coloured food colouring to each dish and mix with a spoon to coat all of the cheese.

  3. Add the cheese to the non-buttered side of the bread, from top to bottom in rows of each colour.

  4. Lift the top slice of bread off its partner and put it into a hot frying pan on a medium-high heat.

  5. Top with the other slice of bread, buttered side up.

  6. After a couple of minutes, lift the corner of the sandwich to see if it’s golden-brown underneath, then flip over and toast the other side too.

  7. Once cooked, tip onto a cooling rack for a couple of minutes so the cheese isn’t too piping hot but keeping the bread from going soggy while waiting.

  8. Cut into two triangles * and serve to mightily impressed kids!

* This is important because cutting across diagonally, into triangles, reveals all the colours of your rainbow toastie.

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Photos @ Susie Lowe.