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Simple Mother’s Day Craft for little hands: Flower Cards

[caption id="attachment_1007" align="alignright" width="400"] This is an easy craft that your little ones can get involved with and enjoy![/caption] Perfect for Mother’s Day (on Sunday 6th March 2016), this is an easy craft that your little ones can get involved with and enjoy!  

You will need:

• Coloured Paper • Paint & Paint Brushes • Buttons (optional) • Glue • Scissors • Crayons/pens


  1. Let your little one paint colours on some brightly coloured paper/card, splatting, smearing, finger painting or make prints with cookie cutters.
  2. When the painted paper is dry, cut out circles in three different sizes. For ease, draw around cups of different sizes before cutting.
  3. Now you have three sizes of circles, get your little one to crumple each circle up and then flatten it out again. The crumpling will give the flowers a 3D effect so they look more like real flower petals.
    Stacking the circles and gluing on the the button for the flower centre
  4. Stack up the circles by size. One large, one medium and then a small. Then glue them together.
  5. For the middle of the flower, glue on a button.
  6. On a separate piece of folded card/paper, your little one should then draw stems, leaves and grass.
  7. With a dab of glue, attach the flower to their stems to finish off the cards!

Craft Courtesy of Mummy Blogger ‘Hands On As We Grow’