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Safety First: Essential Precautions When Travelling in a Rental Car with Small Children

Travelling is always wonderful and exciting, because you get to know and see new countries and places. However, having small children, any trip can become perplexing. In order to avoid unnecessary stress and questions, you should correctly choose the method of transportation, as well as take into account important points.

First of all, it is worth noting that the most convenient way to move around, and especially with children, is by rental car. Most often, for vacation people choose hot countries such as the UAE. It is very difficult for both adults and children to get around without air conditioning, which is equipped with a rental car. In addition, rental companies will offer you exotic car rentals for every taste, including LamborghiniCorse. Even if you have children, you can enjoy sports car rental Dubai with a smooth ride.

With preschool children, it is ideal to travel only in rental cars. And somewhere up to fourteen years old, this remains the best way in terms of price, comfort and safety. On average, a trip in a rented car is one and a half or even three times cheaper than tickets for group or individual excursions.

Below we have put together a few tips and cautions about travelling by car with children.

Distance Check

Before you travel long distances, check how your child behaves on short trips. Take your baby with you to the store, to the country house, to the forest. Make sure that he or she does not get sick, sit comfortably, watch how it reacts to the road in general, to changing landscapes, to cars, to harsh sounds around. If something constantly goes wrong on the way to the village, be sure that on a long trip it will multiply several times, so the trip should be postponed or cancelled so as not to risk your mood, and most importantly, your health.

Quality children's sleep

Even if your child sleeps well in a child seat, still try not to spend all day in the rented car. There is an opinion that the children can sleep, but do not get enough sleep. They, as it were, fall asleep against his will, just the nervous system cannot stand it and turns off the body, although visually it seems that the child is just sleeping sweetly. Subsequently, all this can be expressed in whims, minor colds, and so on. Therefore, it is definitely better to spend the night in a hotel or apartment and not go non-stop around the clock. Think about how your child's daily routine will fit best. It is better to book the hotel in advance so as not to look for it later on the spot.

Everything in moderation

Do not chase the maximum number of attractions and places on the trip, as it was before the birth of the child. Children get overexcited pretty quickly and they need to make new impressions, and it will be difficult for you yourself. What is the point of turning a journey into a race?

Prevent accidents

A very useful thing in a rented car for the safety of children is the locking of doors and windows so that the children do not fall out of the car. Even if they never tried to open the door, it's only a matter of time.

Preparing for Emergencies

Pack a first aid kit with essentials like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers for minor injuries. Additionally, have a list of emergency contacts readily available and know the location of the nearest medical facilities along your route.


Car toys for children are best taken with something special: new or favourite. Moreover, it is necessary not to show everything at once, but in turn, one today, another tomorrow, and so on. This moment needs to be well thought out so that the child is somehow distracted on the road. It will not be superfluous to have a table in a rental car with pre-installed children's applications and cartoons.

Meals on the road

Where to go to eat is also worth deciding in advance. To prevent tummy problems from spoiling your trip, avoid roadside eateries. It is better to make a circle around the city, find a cafe or a canteen with good reviews.

If your little one is a picky eater, take something he loves with you. Stock up on delicious snacks to choose from. It can be sandwiches, vegetable and fruit cuts, pastries, nuts, dried fruits, cookies, ready-made purees.

If you don’t have a cooler bag in a rented car, don’t take anything perishable, it’s better to stop to eat on the way. Pour water into a drinking bowl, and take juices with a straw or in a bottle with a dispenser.


Travelling with small children in a rental car requires careful planning and attention to safety.

Plan your itinerary in advance, do not forget all the important things for your little traveller to be calm and confident under any circumstances.

Keeping your car child-proof and preventing distractions while driving are equally important to minimise risk and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family. By putting safety first, parents can create lasting memories as they explore new places with their little ones.