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Product Feature - Summer 2023

We have been looking around for some of the latest and funkiest products that are currently on the market for your little one, take a look at what we found...

Bestway Lil LearnLab Water Activity Table - £39.99

Perfect for the summer, Bestway’s Lil’ LearnLab Water Table is the perfect place to test your little one’s senses with 8 sensory toys. Use the foam shapes and inflatable rings to predict whether objects will float or sink, or the openable play balls to explore measurement and improve dexterity by scooping water.

Available to buy from Very


Wild Wonders Bento Box - £5.95

Pack plenty of variety into your kid’s lunchtime with a handy children’s bento box. This fun Wild Wonders bento box has two compartments, includes a matching fork and spoon and features a handy elastic strap to keep contents secure. Perfect for days out and picnics.

Available to buy from Rex London


Close Pop-In Playmat - £38.85

Family time and Summer adventures just got an upgrade with this versatile little mat from Close. A must-have for family time, the Pop-in Playmat provides a comfortable, clean, and protective surface you can take anywhere. And when you’re done, just shake it off, fold it up, and go! You won’t want to leave home without one.

Available to buy from Close Parent


Naturally Tribal's Clean & Soft Paw Patrol Range - £45

Shield your child’s hair with Naturally Tribal’s luxurious skincare Paw Patrol range, inspired by ancient African remedies. Ethically sourced from rural Africa, the Clean & Soft Hair set nourishes and hydrates with KARI Hair Cleanser and Hair Food. Perfect for sensitive eczema-prone skin.

Available to buy from Naturally Tribal Skincare


'What A Day' Mindful Bedtime Book - £7.99

A gorgeous picture book that runs through the child’s day - waking up, mealtimes, exploration and learning, ‘What A Day’ will capture babies’ and toddlers’ imaginations and curiosity with the gentle illustrations, by Harriet Hobday, and melodic text preparing them for a restful night’s sleep. ‘What A Day’ is edited and approved by sleep consultant Andrea Grace.

Available to buy from Amazon


Flyer Outfits - £15.99

Get your little one holiday ready this year with the Royal Darlings’s range of fully embroidered Flyer outfits, ranging from jumpers, T-shirts and their shorts & T-shirts sets available in a variety of colours. T-shirts are made from soft and breathable cotton, perfect for warm weather. The shorts are made from a lightweight cotton blend.

Available to buy from Royal Darlings


Personalised Drawstring Bags - £14.95

Perfect for school, swimming and visiting Grandparents! Made from premium organic cotton, WatsonKids’ drawstring bags can be personalised with any name in a range of thread colours. Available in navy, red, grey or blue.

Offer: 20% off with code TODDLE20

Available to buy from Watson Kids Clothing


3D Life Casts - Prices vary

3D life casts of your baby, toddlers or adults hands and feet. Displayed in a choice of frames and cast colours create a perfect keepsake. Casting is for any age and is such an amazing way of capturing a moment in time forever. Covering Northampton and surrounding areas.

Offer: 10% off with code TODDLE10

Available to buy from The Lasting Casting Co


New Baby Gift Boxes - £35.99 - £59.99

Devon Eco Boutique’s pre made gift boxes have been lovingly curated with new parents in mind. Packed with a selection of items that are pretty and practical making the perfect new arrival gift. All of their gifts come with a free personalised message in a cute organic animal card.

Offer: 20% off with code TODDLE

Available to buy from Devon Eco Boutique


Tommee Tippee LetsGo Portable Baby Bottle Warmer - £47.99

Featuring 3 different temperature settings; the Tommee Tippee Portable Baby Bottle Warmer allows you to adjust the warming temperature according to your baby’s preference. The lightweight and compact unit fits neatly in your handbag or changing bag for easy feeding when out and about. The slow heating technology eliminates any hot spots in the milk and ensures that baby’s feed is warmed evenly every time. The gentle warming process also ensures that all the goodness and essential nutrients are preserved, giving you the perfect feed, every time.

Available to buy from Tommee Tippee

WASuP - £8.99

Introducing WASuP, a super handy remedy to soothe stings and bites, naturally. Perfectly pocket-sized device it fits into any changing bag, handbag, (even in a pocket!). Harnessing Mother Nature, each WASuP capsule contains a biodegradable bamboo wipe which has been soaked in 100% organic apple cider vinegar – a well-known traditional remedy to naturally soothe just about any sting/bite. WASuP works on wasp stings, horsefly bites, mosquito, and midge bites as well as other insect bites, nettle stings and even jellyfish stings!

Available to buy from Mini First Aid