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Naturally Nice: 10 Eco-conscious Childcare Products

Naturally NiceIf one of your New Year’s resolutions is being kinder to the planet by purchasing more eco-friendly products, you’ll need to work out how to include your kids in your quest. To get you started, here are ten eco-conscious childcare products that perform perfectly and don’t cost the Earth. 1. Teddy bear Named after US president Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, the teddy bear has been comforting children for over a century — bag an organic bear from kids’ store Childrensalon. But be warned — it’s so soft and sumptuous that you might kidnap it for yourself! 2. Baby gym With their hoops, mirrors and musical features, baby gyms keep rug rats entertained for hours on end — ethical site Babipur has a wide choice of natural wooden models that are built to last and look lovely. Plus, they’re so durable that they can be passed on from sibling to sibling.

3. Shoes If you sport a pair of Toms boat shoes around town in summertime, you’ll be glad to know they provide vegan baby shoes for boys and girls. Find these cute and animal-friendly shoes on the Toms website — if you’re sharp, you might even spot a seasonal sale. 4. Teething rings New teeth coming through is painful for an adult, so the agony’s magnified for kids — but organic teething rings made from materials like natural rubber and FSC wood provide relief in the most planet-friendly way possible. Chew over the best choices at Amazon. 5. Food Once babies are ready for solid food at around six months old, you’ll want to ensure what they eat is as natural as possible. Organic children’s food brand Ella’s Kitchen can help — all their delicious products are healthy, ethically sourced and easy for parents to prepare. 6. Stroller A good stroller is a must-buy when you want your son or daughter to make the most of the great outdoors. And Nuna strollers are made in the most eco-aware manner possible — they’re crafted in a solar-powered factory which uses exhaust treatment water and contain no toxins whatsoever. 7. Bib With a solid diet comes chunks of food that cover clothes with unsightly stains. So once your kids start to chow down on spaghetti and chicken curry, an organic baby bib from Natural Baby Shower will keep them looking neat and tidy. 8. Blanket Everyone loves a cosy blanket, but they’re even more blissful for a baby who’s been safely stashed in their mummy’s tummy for nine months. You’ll find an amazing collection of 100 per cent organic cotton baby blankets and muslin cloths online at Frugi — stock up and you’ll never be stuck. 9. Coverall If you’ve ever slipped into a slinky onesie for an evening in front of the TV, you’ll appreciate how well-designed children’s coveralls are. Source comfortable and chic organic coveralls at SKiN&BLiSS — they’re all made from eco-friendly materials and are too cute for words. 10. Organic toothpaste If you don’t want your children using toothpaste that’s packed with preservatives, parabens and artificial fragrances, Earth’s Best strawberry and banana toothpaste is 100 per cent natural and tastes yummy. Grab it at organic megastore Kijani Living and get on your kids’ good sides — they might never complain about cleaning their teeth again.