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Keeping Toddler Craft Activities Fun and Safe

Endlessly entertaining and easy to tailor to different ages and interests, crafting is a fantastic activity to do with toddlers. However, the correct setup is essential to ensuring fun and safe sessions.

Choosing your projects

When it comes to choosing your projects, take care to find age-appropriate activities. Consider the mental and physical dexterity required to complete the task as well as the type of materials used.

Younger children will be more suited to simple ‘come-and-go’ activities that are quick to complete and require limited focus such as finger painting. Older children may be able to remain engaged for longer periods to try projects such as greeting card-making and creating decorations for their room.

One thing you can count on with all toddlers is that their fingers will be in their mouths at some point in the session! Make sure to choose non-toxic materials and avoid things like beads and buttons that could be swallowed. 

Setting up the space

The key to avoiding major mess – and any permanent damage! – is taking time to set up the space properly before you get started.

Lay down a wipeable tablecloth on the table or floor with a protective layer underneath as additional insurance. Use cushions or seats around the tablecloth to create a clear ‘craft zone’ and emphasise to the children that all crafting must take place in this space.

You should also invest in craft storage bags and caddies to make tidying away a speedy and simple process. Being organised will also save you time whenever you want to set up new craft projects.

Encouraging creativity

One of the best things about children’s craft projects is that they provide an outlet for self-expression. Children need to practice creativity as part of their early years development so they learn how to tell a story, relate to other people and stay grounded while exploring imaginary worlds.

Make sure that the activities you choose encourage creative thinking and allow the toddlers to use their imagination freely. Pick projects which can be interpreted in lots of different ways so that each toddler can express their unique personality and create something individual.

Key safety precautions

Whether you’ve done craft activities dozens of times or you’re introducing toddlers to crafts for the first time, you need to rigorously follow rules for safe crafting with children to protect their physical well-being.

Adult supervision at all times is an absolute must, with more than one adult present for larger groups. Any activities which could cause harm such as sewing or cutting should be performed by an adult or with special child-friendly equipment that’s blunt and easy to use.