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Keeping the kids amused over half term

The past year has been tough on us all, especially our little ones. As we are starting to see normality slowly return, here are a few fun activities for the kids to enjoy this half term without compromising social distancing.

Family bike rideFamily bike ride

Online music and language courses

With online music lessons and language courses, your child can be learning new skills in a fun and exciting way. Music is not only enjoyable but it’s also great for the mind and soul, as well as providing a brilliant way for your child to express themselves.

As the world becomes a more diverse place, our knowledge of languages is forever able to grow. By learning a new language, your child will be able to understand and communicate with more people throughout their adult working life. It’s as easy as downloading an app and provides an incredibly handy skill that employers seek out often.

Return to sports

Help your kids to keep their minds and bodies active by encouraging them to try a new sport or pick up an old favourite. This could even become a regular family activity. For example, you could choose one day a week to go out on a bike ride together or play football in the garden or local park. This will keep everyone busy and makes room for important family time and bonding.

If you need to purchase new equipment to go cycling together it will be important to consider your financial options.

Learn to bake something new

With adult supervision, let your child discover the world of baking and teach them a new skill. Perhaps they’ll discover a favourite dessert or realise the effort that goes into baking and cooking meals and be thankful for your help as a parent.

You can teach your child where certain ingredients come from and how they can be used in different meals. You could even design and create your own family recipe book for your child to add to as they get older. Then it could be passed down from generation to generation.

Create things

Allow your kids to get messy with an arts and craft session. There are plenty of simple crafting ideas to keep your little ones entertained. You can use items from around the home or order craft supplies online and watch as your child gets creative.

Why not try creating puppets together and having a homemade puppet show in your living room? Or creating a board game for each member of the family to enjoy on rainy days?