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How to Make Your Kitchen Safe for Toddlers

The kitchen represents the heart of a home in many houses because it is where the families gather, eat, and spend quality time together. But we have to admit that it is a place that hides many dangers for kids and toddlers.

For parents, having their kids in the kitchen can feel like a battlefield, especially when the little ones become curious and want to help with cooking. It can be a hard time to always keep your eye on them, so you must do everything you can to prevent them from getting an injury.

The great news is that you can minimise the risks associated with spending time in the kitchen by using some tips like the following ones.

Install safety locks

It is vital, as a parent, to limit the places your kids have access to, and the best way to do it is by installing safety locks. They can be positioned to lower cabinets, cupboards, drawers, ovens, and refrigerators. The items inside the kitchen cabinets are very tempting for kids and can be very dangerous if they eat or swallow something, as it is a great chance to develop food poisoning symptoms. Plus, when the kids taste the food they enjoy, they will likely eat a large quantity, which can be very toxic.

Reaching for things placed high can also be a possibility of an accident, as they may fall on the kids’ heads, and something made of glass can smash on the floor, giving them a chance to touch the broken pieces. 

You can install  several types of safety locks, like magnetic or adhesive ones, latches, pull-cord locks, or tension rods, in your house. This step is a must for young children, followed by keeping certain items out of reach, like medicines, dish soaps, or alcoholic beverages.

Child-Proof stove knobs

Kids learn through exploring and interacting with the things in their environment, and touching is what they use the most to do so. This means that the stove knobs can be found very interesting by your kids, and putting their fingers on them will be a tempting response to it. So, you must also ensure you child-proof your stove knobs because kids don’t understand how dangerous it can be to play with these objects. And if you think that your toddler is safe because you are always with them in the kitchen, you may need to think twice because they can touch some dangerous utilities in a few milliseconds when your head is turned and thus put the whole house in danger.

Store sharp tools out of reach

Be extremely careful with the sharp tools, as they are very irresistible for kids for their shiny look. The knives, forks, or any other pointy object should be placed in a spot where only adults have access. 

Alternatively, you can create a toy box with things imitating the kitchen tools in a spot where the kids can play with them, and have the impression that they have an active part in the cooking time.

Choose the right kitchen furniture

With kids, everything needs to represent a safe space, including what type of kitchen furniture you have. You may need to make a change and purchase units with soft surfaces with round corners and made of child-friendly materials. For extra protection, you can add guards for your corner edges.

The good part is that many models on the market offer this functionality, like the ones from kitchen warehouse ltd, which have many examples of kitchen units, suitable also for the safety of your children.

Be careful with hot foods

Hot foods can also be dangerous for kids because they cause burns, especially for toddlers because they have very sensitive skin. Be careful not to give them very warm food because they may not wait for it to cool. 

If you leave hot food on the tables, make sure the kids can’t reach it as they are curious about everything new in their environment. It is good to place them away from the edges, as the hot food may fall on the kid, transforming a parent's worst scenario into a reality.

If you let your kids transport food or beverages, ensure they are not too hot, as they may drop it on themselves.

Unplug appliances 

Kitchen appliances, like coffee makers, blenders, and toasters, can be dangerous if the little ones get hold of them. This is why parents should place these items further away and make a habit of unplugging them after usage, as kids may find plugs very interesting. It would help if you also considered buying some plug protectors to ensure your kiddo doesn’t play with them and avoid any danger of electric shock.


Although kids have a propensity for doing things they are not supposed to do, it is essential to communicate with them about safety measures. You should try to introduce them very early to the basic safety instructions and limit their areas from where they can touch and stay to the ones that are prohibited for them.  If you are dealing with a toddler, you can slowly introduce phrases like no, hot area, and things for adults to get them in the habit of avoiding these things when mentioned. Once your kid starts growing, continue to communicate with him about the potential dangers that may occur in the kitchen and always be near them when they are in these areas.

Your kitchen may feel like a fascinating space for your kids, as it has many objects, shiny areas, and intriguing surfaces. So, as parents, it is our duty to make sure we create a safe place for our little ones and reduce the hazards that may happen in this space.