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Fantasy Bedroom: Bringing Life into Your Child’s Living Space

Many children enjoy tales set in fantastical lands. From Rowling to Tolkien, people enjoy different types of fantasy and magic, set across different ages and worlds. If your child loves a certain franchise, or perhaps several of them, you may want to include this passion the next time you change their bedroom. While it may, ultimately, be a place for sleep, their bedroom might also be where they often play. Including a fantasy concept could help to stimulate their creativity.

Setting the scene

To make your child’s bedroom feel like a fantasy land, you may first want to set the scene. While this could involve the choice of rugs or bedding you use, you may also want to think about how lighting can play its part. Rather than undertaking extensive works to completely change the main electrics, you could use the complete LED lights kit that can allow you to place strips around the room. These may also be able to change colour, allowing you to make it really feel like you’re in the fires of Mount Doom, or racing around a Quidditch pitch. Considering that these are often operated remotely, or run on batteries, this can still give parents additional control, which may be important when you want your child to calm down and prepare for sleep.

Add a mural

For those who are good at art, or at least want to give it a shot, you could think about painting a mural on the walls of the bedroom, or onto a canvas that can be hung. This can allow you to create a dragon that could give Smaug a run for his money, or even bring the forests of Narnia to life. It could be a good idea to look up some tutorials first, as well as practice. When doing the initial drawings, you may want to use pencil or chalk that could be rubbed off or washed away if something goes wrong. This might also be somewhat of a timely project, so you may want to clear your schedule beforehand, as well as let your child know that you might not get it finished in a single weekend.

Let things sparkle

While you may not want actual glittery objects in your child’s bedroom, especially if it is likely to get everywhere, there may be ways that you can use glitter within your designs. This can include mixing it into your standard wall paint, and then applying it to the walls. Unlike wallpapers, this can end up looking incredibly professional and fun. The use of glitter could be used to add embellishments, or simply to make it look like your child lives in Pixie Hollow. This glitter can also come in a number of colours, which could suit both boys and girls.

Creating a fantasy bedroom doesn’t need to involve high costs. Instead, you might want to think about putting in some time and effort. Your child may greatly appreciate your work, and love their room for years to come.