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Eating well for less with Organix

The weaning journey can be an exciting yet anxious and frustrating time for parents, who are often faced with little ones refusing to try new foods, throwing food around and pushing plates away! Supporting parents in sparking a love of great food with little ones is something that leading organic children’s food brand Organix is passionate about, helping to bring fun and joy to mealtimes.

Organix has a variety of tips and tricks to help spark a love of great food, but with the cost of living crisis adding extra challenges to mealtimes, we understand that parents are looking for new ways to keep their little ones happy and fed, without breaking the bank.

With food prices rising across the country, it may seem easier to choose cheaper foods like crisps and confectionary, but it’s important to recognise that many of these foods often contain. added salt, refined sugar, artificial colours and flavours, additives and preservatives. It can also be costly keeping little ones full and happy on holidays and days out, as the cost of food in supermarkets continues to rise. But there are ways to eat well for less, and have fun doing so! Organix has worked with top food consultant Lucy Thomas to bring parents the very best ways they can spark a love of great food in their little ones, whilst keeping an eye on the pennies!

  • Reward your kids with ‘golden time!’ - Quality time can be spent exploring food with them, including baking homemade snacks, involving them in lunch and dinner preparation, batch cooking, or creating a fun weekly meal plan. This helps children to build healthy eating habits whilst spending quality time with mum and dad and saving some money!
  • Fun-filled family days out (or in!) - As the weather turns colder, ramp up the fun inside with an indoor picnic! Grab your blankets and pillows and choose a room you don’t usually eat in to make it seem extra special. Indulge in some card or board games and lay out home cooked food and home baked snacks to enjoy. Organix’s Savoury Vegetable Muffins (12+ months), Rainbow Fruit Kebabs (12+ months) or Savoury Aubergine Flapjacks (12+ months) are great indoor picnic staples!
  • Fakeaways and homemade favourites - Save the pennies and re-create your favourite takeaways at home! It's quick and easy to find organic recipes online to make homemade versions of these. Try this fun Mild Chicken Curry Recipe For Babies & Toddlers (18+ months) or this Beetroot Burger Recipe for Babies (10 + months) to really get that takeaway feeling.
  • Freeze - make sure you are making the most of your freezer. Organic items and vegetables can be frozen as soon as you get home, which not only means you can prolong their shelf life and stop them heading to the landfill, which means you’re helping reduce food waste too! To make things even easier, try cutting up portions of vegetables and freezing them in batches.
  • Rethink food - the next time you make a meal for the family, think of the different ways in which the food could be used. If you have leftovers, try to incorporate them into another meal. Get inventive - freeze any leftover orange or apple juice into lolly moulds, save leftover fruit to bake into cakes or bars and blitz up leftover veggies into soups
  • Mix it up – try buying organic foods such as the new Organix Baby Meals and mix them into rice or pasta to bulk out dinners. This is a fun and efficient way to not only get more organic foods into your family’s diet, but it also helps to make your meals go further too! One good example is using Organix Perfect Pumpkin Puree to make a hearty and healthy pumpkin risotto that all the family will love.
  • Look out for supermarket offers - UK supermarkets often have special offers on new products, especially when it comes to children’s food. Organix’s new Baby Meals and Kids Snack ranges are currently available in ASDA and on Ocado. Organix Kids is also launching in Sainsbury's with an introductory price promotion from 16th October until 22nd November, and Tesco from 7th November, with an introductory price promotion on some products until 6th December, helping your money go a bit further!

It’s also important to continue to recognise the benefits of eating organic. It’s good for us, the planet, wildlife and animals! Organic farming provides more environmental benefits than non organic equivalents. It can lead to improved natural soil health and increase wildlife and biodiversity. It has also been shown that eating organic foods can lead to an increased intake of antioxidants - which have myriad nutritional benefits.

Organix is celebrating 30 years of experience in creating tasty, healthy and nutritious organic food choices for babies and toddlers, and has led the way in supporting parents to create happy, healthy eaters, sparking a love of good food from the offset. As well as this, they were the first UK brand to have a fully organic range, giving parents reassurance that their little ones are getting the very best when they shop with Organix.