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Creating Harmony at Home - Designing a Well-Balanced Living Room for Family Delight

Parents looking to purchase a home spend more time looking at the living room in a three-bedroom house than any other room – 1.5 times longer than the kitchen to be exact. This is unsurprising as a living room is one of the most used spaces in a home, caters to all young children’s needs, and is considered the focal point of any house. And, in interior design, balance is all about a focal point. A focal point is whatever your eyes automatically jump to when you enter a room. You’re probably thinking that in your home this is the mess your kids make with their toys. So, with this in mind, you must create a balanced and harmonious space to live in that prioritises storage and makes your living room stand out for all the right reasons.

Identifying the focal point

In many homes, the focal point is a fireplace, feature wall, striking piece of artwork, large bay window, or similar. 67% of homeowners say their property lacks storage space. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to make a storage area for all your kids' toys and crafts as your main focal point. A large storage unit up against the wall can be placed around the TV to make a great focal point with a purpose. Be sure to secure it to the wall to prevent it from tipping over should your kids decide to try and use it as a climbing frame. Opt for a glossy, white unit for a modern feel, and make sure it’s got lots of compartments, drawers, and cupboards in different sizes so you can easily store everything in it. 

Accentuating the main attraction

Even though your guest’s eyes will naturally be drawn toward the standout storage feature in your room, the idea is to help draw even more visual interest toward it by adding decorative but useful items that accentuate it. You could put some magnetic sheets on the front of the cupboards to display your children’s creations on. This will make it look truly unique. Plus, the great thing about this is that if you want to tidy up and create a more grown-up feel to the room, you can easily take them down for the evening. You can also add to your focal point by putting up slim wooden shelves on both sides of the unit. Add bright and bold picture frames which hold some of your family’s most treasured memories. You could also pop some vividly-coloured storage boxes beside or in front of your main focal point to liven up the room.

Adding Balance by Continuing the Theme

Now that you’ve got a contemporary storage unit as your living room’s focal point, you need to pepper in some accent items that add to the theme without stealing the focal point’s thunder. Placing a modern abstract or geometric rug on the floor will soften the room and provide a comfortable spot for your kids to chill out on. It can also quickly be used to cover up any spills your children make when you don’t have time to thoroughly clean them up. Scattering a few cushions around in a matching shade is a good idea too as it will balance the room out and give you something comfy to chill out on while your little ones play.

Style Creates Balance

Although it may often feel like your children take up the majority of your living space, it’s important to balance their needs with your own. This is why a storage focal point in your favourite style is a must as it allows you to tidy everything away effortlessly. You can then add balance to the space, depending on the time of day and your mood, so that everyone living in and visiting your family home can share memories and have fun.