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Christmas Cracker Craft

These Christmas Crackers are a simple and great activity to enjoy with the children. They are super easy to make and will look great on the table at Christmas Dinner.

What you'll need:

* Empty toilet roll tube (or kitchen roll)
* Christmas wrapping paper
* String or Ribbon
* Scissors
* Sticky Tape
* Goodies to fill the cracker e.g. stickers, sweets, small toys, jokes


1. Get a toilet roll tube (or a kitchen towel tube cut in half. If you don't have enough tubes saved up, you can cut a piece of card stock paper, bend it into a tube and tape it).

2. Cut a piece of wrapping paper to the size you need. It needs to completely wrap around the tube and have about 3-4 inches on each side as shown in the pictures. Wrapping paper with a small Christmas print would make the crackers look even better when sat on the Christmas table.

3. Select some small “goodies” to put into the tube. This is where you can choose, so go crazy. How about different treats for grown ups and kids? (Just remember to label them somehow if you do this!)

4. To wrap the tube, place your tube onto your paper, stick a bit of the paper to the tube to keep it in place, wrap the paper around the tube and then tape it to secure.

5. Pinch the ends carefully with your fingers so that you don’t tear the paper and then wrap a piece of ribbon or string around each end.

6. Now your crackers are ready to be pulled on Christmas day!