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9 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary When You Have a Baby

You have a magical love story. In addition to your lovely wedding, you have a beautiful baby. Your wedding day is an essential part of your love story. It is the first page of your happily ever after and is definitely worthy of annual celebrations.

However, having a baby adds an exciting twist to everything. Celebrating your wedding anniversary with a baby requires a level of creativity. Here are a few helpful tips to guide you. 

1. Watch Your Wedding Video With the Baby

If your baby is old enough to understand, consider watching your wedding video with them. Your kids will be excited to relive the day with you. You will have fun discussing the details of your address, venue, and guests.

Pump things up with some popcorn and their favorite treats to make the day even more special. If your baby doesn't have an advanced attention span yet, pick your favorite parts of the video and encourage them to give comments. If you don't have a wedding video, a photo album could work just as well.

2. Visit a Restaurant You Loved While Dating

Remember that restaurant you and your partner frequented when dating? You can now visit it with your baby. It could be the lovely restaurant you visited for your first date or the over-the-top establishment where he proposed.

A change in routine could inspire some spicy conversation about your dating days. It could be a welcome break from your regular search for baby-friendly foods. Takeout may be a fantastic idea if your little cutie is too young to visit the restaurant with you.

3. Schedule a Trip to Your Honeymoon Destination

While this isn't something you can do every year, it could be a fantastic idea for a special anniversary. It would be amazing to take your little one on a getaway. This commitment requires a lot of planning, but it is worth the trouble.

You can prepare by showing the baby pictures of your honeymoon, explaining why you chose the destination, and why it is an integral part of your story. Building excitement before the date of the trip makes it more rewarding.

4. Organise a Party and Invite Friends

Having a baby means forgoing a lot of things. You may no longer be able to party like you used to. Consider organising a party to have fun and catch up with your friends.

Calling friends over is not the most common way of celebrating wedding anniversaries. However, it makes sense for new parents who may feel isolated or overwhelmed.

Sharing a meal, drinks, and fun games helps you appreciate life outside of parenting. If a party seems like too much, you could share a meal and watch a movie-anything to give you a break from routine.

5. Send an Anniversary Card to Your Partner from Your Baby

Your wedding anniversary can include your baby. Consider sending a cute anniversary card from your baby to your partner. It is a wonderful way to celebrate how far you’ve come and include your baby in the celebration.

Anniversary greeting cards are great for expressing love, gratitude, and kindness. Your partner can keep them forever.

6. Offer Personalised Gifts and Experiences

Nothing is better than a personalised experience. From starting a couple’s journal to writing them a cute love letter, your options are endless.

You can learn how to make an online scrapbook and put your selfies in, or bake your partner a cake. Consider their interests and specific needs before putting a personalised gift together.

7. Do Crafts to Tell Your Love Story

Kids love crafts, and you can use them to share your love story. Your partner will always cherish an anniversary gift that includes your baby. Sensory art tells your story in ways that your baby understands.

Create art based on your honeymoon, family, or special interests. You can find fantastic ideas on Pinterest.

8. Participate In Your Pre-Baby Fun Activities

What did you and your partner do before you had a baby? Your wedding anniversary is a wonderful time to remember your carefree days. Spend quality time doing fun and kid-friendly activities.

Such activities include going to the beach, playing cards, and picnics. If you enjoyed going to Vegas and playing cards, find a way to make it family-friendly. Including your kids in activities that bring you joy will make them feel special.

9. Chocolate and Flowers

You can never go wrong with the classics. Even if you won't be doing anything special, flowers and chocolate signify a special day. Add a note from your baby to your partner to make it even more special.

Your options for wedding anniversary celebrations are endless. However, celebrating when you have a baby can be a bit complicated. That shouldn’t stop you. With the above tips, you can make the most of your day and express love for your partner.