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10 Tips To Help Your Family Budget For Holiday Travels

Here comes the winter and everyone's holiday travel plans. Racking up credit card debt, however, doesn't make for much of a celebration. Avoid financial stress this holiday season by placing a priority on planning and budgeting without being a cheapskate.


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Plan Early

Even local trips are costly, and you want to be sure you have plenty of money saved. Save more and you will be able to do more. Extra activities could make your holiday vacation extra special.


Affordability is key when planning a holiday trip. If you are unable to save according to your budget, then you need to take a closer look at your outgoing monthly expenses. Are you able to make any cuts? The only way to get the money you need for a vacation is through proper budgeting.

Involve Your Children

Tell the kids about the upcoming family holiday vacation. Involving your kids helps them become part of the plan. How can they contribute? Your kids might not have money to provide, but they can help watch those household expenses. Tell them about how they can develop routines to help reduce energy costs throughout the home. If your kids do have pocket money, encourage them to save it so they can have even more fun on the trip.

Separate Bank Account

Have you considered opening up a separate bank account to save for the holidays? Having a separate bank account focuses you on this specific goal. Watching a dedicated balance grow is very motivating. Use an automated transfer function to make saving for your trip even easier.

Local Trips

Local trips are always less costly. Ticket prices to fly are even more costly these days, especially for families with many children. All you need is a simple change of scenery and some family fun. Shake up that routine, but do you have to travel far away? There are likely some great local destinations not far away from you at all.

Off-Peak Travel

There are great discounts up for grabs if you look to travel during off-peak times throughout the seasons. For example, you are not going to get a discount if you visit a ski resort during the winter months. You will, however, likely find a discount if you were to visit that same ski resort during the summer months. Always pay attention to weather patterns for destinations offering discounts.

Anticipate Costs

Anticipate all costs associated with your future holiday travels. You do not want to come up short. Develop a budget, and stick with that budget. Be sure to account for lodging, meals, entertainment, tours, shopping, and all other expenses that come up during a trip. There are always going to be unexpected expenses that arise, so you want to overshoot the budget a little.

Compare Pricing

Be sure to compare pricing for tickets, lodging, etc. Comparing prices and shopping around can save you money. You want to get those tickets early, too. Aggregator sites are often the best bet for finding discount tickets.

Cash Is King

When you do travel, remember that cash is king; however, this does not mean you have a ton of cash on your person. You can simply use your debit card. If you happen to be traveling out of the country, then you can use a traveler's card. To use one of these cards, you simply preload it with cash. You are essentially using the traveler's card as a debit card.


What is a staycation? This means vacationing at home. While that might not sound appealing at first, think about what you get in return. You are going to be on vacation, and without all the extra expenses, you are able to afford quite a lot more. All of those extra snacks and dinners and whatever else you might not have been able to afford just became more affordable. Some people prefer a staycation.