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Tackle prejudice 'one story at a time’ says Northampton’s Angel and Bonnet

Whilst on furlough, Angel Greaves, 30 from Northamptonshire has launched a podcast aimed at children, where she handpicks the best story books to read aloud. Set up just one month ago, she has had over 1,000 listeners from the USA across to Russia and India, as well as the UK.

Angel Greaves explains: “I love stories, I’ve always loved stories, not just for the escapism but for the relationships you can create with the characters. As a nursery manager, I know stories are so important in a child’s learning and development; children absorb the messages within them, and a good story can transform their relationship with the world around them.

Most recently I read, ‘Chrissy Doesn’t Like Her Hair’ by Christine Williams, about a little girl with ‘afro’ hair who wishes it was different and the same as her Caucasian friends – and it takes a role model in her teacher to help her appreciate the luscious locks she has. I remember this feeling as a little girl and I wished mine was like my friends’, it was a huge source of anxiety growing up. It has taken time for me to love mine, and appreciate my difference. Telling the story about Chrissy’s hair is helpful in teaching the value of diversity!

“No child is born with prejudice, it is a learnt trait, which is why, from a very young age we should teach and appreciate the beauty in diversity, with stories being a key way to start such exploration.

“I try to find books by all types of writers, it is so important for children to see characters from all walks of life be they BAME characters, single or same sex parents.”

You can find Angel and Bonnets stories here -
- https://www.facebook.com/Angelbonnetandfriends/
- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcDYYVtGI6MrHxp1xBaaBpw?fbclid=IwAR0WmH1qjUKHThwnTxtxPizx3KErCIV-jv5maal8slsigfNhzqZgj3njLRI
- https://anchor.fm/Angelbonnet%26Friendsstoryt?fbclid=IwAR1DOG8mBe3Vm8TSqvwXkTbjIv7N-elftGedCQZMm8N656P5yoKwY1nMJow