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Sleepy Bambinos Sleep Consultant

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Hello, I'm Nina, a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant for children aged 0-4 years. ​I use gentle and effective room-based methods and I fully understand that every child is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. I'm committed to getting to know you all as a family. It involves understanding your family values, your child's temperament, and most importantly your sleep goals. Your journey to better sleep is as unique as your child's, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. 

Contact me today for a free 15-minute discovery call and take the first step towards better sleep! 💫

Services Offered:

* These packages below are for ages 5 months and older

Bambinos Sleep Transformation Package PLUS SUPPORT

This includes;

- 1 x hour consultation

- 3-4 day & night routine analysis 

- Personalised sleep plan

- Written day & night routine 

- 3 weeks of unlimited Whatsapp support

- 3 x 15-minute support calls


Bambinos Sleep Success Package 

This includes;

- 1 x hour consultation

- 3-4 day & night routine analysis 

- Personalised sleep plan

- Written day & night routine 

 - 1 x 30-minute support call


Bambinos Sleep Rescue Call

-1 x 30-minute phone call

- Discuss any bedtime battles, nap refusals, short naps or wanting to implement a routine etc 

- Written age-based routine for you to implement at home

- No additional support included

* This package suits families looking for small tweaks to their routine and whose children can self-settle. 

Little Bambinos Package for Newborns up to 8 weeks - Coming Soon




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