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Submit an article to generate more traffic to your website

An article on the Toddle About website can become a way to consistently send traffic to your own site, month after month, for years to come.

A sponsored article (AKA a sponsored post) can generate a short term spike in visitors to your site, but it is really for businesses who are looking to build their own website’s reputation and generate a steady flow of extra traffic to their site over the medium and long term.

Cost: £30 + VAT per article / post

Activities Articles on Toddle About

How It Works

  1. You write about a topic that interests your potential customers AND our website visitors. (Hint: they should be the same thing - i.e. parents with young children)
  2. You make sure you include a link(s) to your own website in the body of the content and/or in the author’s note.
  3. We publish the article on the Toddle About website – under one of our sections, such as ‘Parenting’ or ‘News’.
  4. We promote the article across our social media platforms (over 15K followers) and in our regular ‘What’s On’ emails to subscribers.
  5. Parents discover the article through various sources (e.g. Toddle About visitors, Social Media, Email, Google Searches).
  6. Parents click on the links to your business’ website to find out more about the service you offer.


Why It Works Well

We have many thousands of parents with little ones using our site every month, searching for activities, parenting advice or local news. They will naturally find your article whilst navigating around our site.

In addition to this, the Toddle About website has a strong online reputation, so articles on our site tend to rank well with search engines. This means parents searching the web for things relating to your chosen topic are more likely to find your article on the first page of Google results.

Bonus! Search engines will rank your website higher if you have natural backlinks pointing to your site from high authority sites with a low spam score – sites like Toddle About. This improves your own site’s SEO.


Hints and Tips


  • Address a topic that is of interest to parents with little ones.
  • Write genuine content that GIVES VALUE to the reader.
  • Include keywords that match your topic and typical searches.
  • Link from keywords to the most relevant page on your website.
  • Include visual imagery to bring the article to life.
  • Include links to other articles and 3rd party sites if they would be useful to the reader.



  • Litter your article with keywords that makes the content seem unnatural
  • Include too many links to your site – 1 or 2 is normally enough.
  • Link to other sites with high Spam Scores.


How to Book

Contact us on advertise@toddleabout.co.uk to book a sponsored article.

Please let us know what topic you wish to address and the website you wish to link to.

Please note: We will only approve topics and sites that meet our advertising standards and that we believe will be of interest to our readers. Should we feel your proposal doesn’t meet these requirements, we will work with you to try to find a solution.