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Toddler Sense sessions are jam-packed with fabulous activities and fun adventures. Help your adventurous toddler or child burn off excess energy.

Every week there is an adventure play area that the children explore with their parent. This comprises of soft play shapes, bouncy castles, gym  equipment, traffic cones, hoops to crawl through, ball pools, all sorts of

things! The layout and content changes every week so there is always something new for your child to discover.

Like Baby Sensory we also have a different theme every week. During a class leader led activity session we explore the theme together. This can comprise of dancing, singing, making things and puppet shows. 

It's very much like the Baby Sensory  activities but taken up a notch to accommodate the developmental needs of a busy, active toddler.

The session lasts for 50 minutes in total and is amazing fun. 


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