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SOCATOTS is the provider of football-related physical development activities for young children. Children attend regular sessions with others of a similar age.
Children will master both motor and social skills under the watchful eye of highly qualified coaches. A unique feature of SOCATOTS is the active participation of parents in the sessions.
OUR MISSION SOCATOTS' mission is to engage more and more children in physical activity, using football as a medium. We teach basic movement patterns, balance and motor coordination. Most important, we ensure that physical activity is fun. Everything we do is centred around helping children develop first as people, then as sports enthusiasts.
£27.50 (inc VAT) a month for midweek classes
£28.50 (inc VAT) a month for weekend classes
£46.80 (inc VAT) a month for 2 classes (siblings)
£41.40 (inc VAT) a month for twins
We offer a Free Trial for your first session and all bookings for classes are to be made via the website.


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