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Singing and story classes for 0 - 5 year olds

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Hi there!

Since lock-down began, I have been creating regular videos and uploading them to YouTube. These ten minute videos are in liue of my live classes.

There are a number of themes including: garden, doctors, numbers, farm and Easter. Each video includes the SingSongStories hello and goodbye song with a space to include your child's name.

There are then around three or four rhymes and songs linked to the theme and sometimes a story.

My two daughters help me out and we use cuddly toys to pretend to be our babies - listen out for the names my daughters give them!

I provide instructions on how you and your baby or pre-schooler can join in and also list any props you might want to use - although there aren't that many!


Before lock-down I was running my weekly classes for babies and pre-schoolers in and around Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. I utilised my many years as an Early Years teacher (and now a parent to a six year old and a three year old) to create my own business. I ran classes for under two's and over two's and each hour-long class followed a particular theme which ran over two weeks. Each session would start with the 'Hello Song' in which we named each child attending. There would then be about twenty minutes of songs, rhymes and play linked to the theme before we sang 'Polly Put The Kettle On' to signify the tea and biscuit break! There would then be around another twenty minutes of songs, props and play linked to the theme before we ended with our 'Goodbye Song' where once again we would name each child. Every now and then, I would also include a simple story linked to the theme which I would tell using props.

My classes help to develop all aspects of the child and are a good place to meet and socialise with other parents and carers and to let your baby/child socialise too!



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