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Run Daddy Run - Bury St Edmunds

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We get busy dads fighting fit – the old fashioned way (no Spandex required!)


Dads' health and fitness is a key compontent of succesful and enjoyable parenting and family life. 

Fact: Dads are heroes. They're a tough bunch who give everything and never quit - but being a modern dad can really take it out of you. With all the demands on your time and energy, your health can slide; leaving you out of shape, lacking your old magic and wondering how on earth to get it back.


With our local running clubs and 8 week beginners 'Accelerator' 0-5km running courses exclusively for dads, we'll soon have you feeling fit, strong and energised again - to the point where you can give the kids (or even the grandchildren!) a run for their money. Quickly, conveniently and all whilst having a good laugh. 


These are instructor lead group courses, set in the great outdoors.  We welcome dads of any shape, size or stage of life and rapidly build their fitness and confidence, training them in an incredibly convenient and highly effective form of exercise: running!

Even if you're completely new to running or seriously out of shape, you'll be confidently eating up the miles within weeks with our 0 - 5km Accelerator courses.

Better still: you'll build a game-changing new fitness habit, master an exercise that can be done any time, any place (no gym required!) and become part of a network of like-minded local dads all on the same journey.


It doesn't matter what state you're in right now, you can get seriously and sustainably fit through running.

Come on dads! Let's show them how it's done.