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Keep muddy pram wheels off home floors with a Pram Sled

Slide your pram into the home on a Pram Sled.  No clips, straps or covers – just ride on and go. Simple!


The Original Hudson Pram Sled was devised by parents Craig and Beki Hudson after the birth of their first child in 2018.

They wanted to be able to bring their pram into the home without having to worry about wet or muddy wheels.  They have now developed a product which is hassle-free and easy to use, and keeps the floor clean.

A Pram Sled provides a waterproof barrier which allows you to bring your pram into the home so you can keep a closer eye on baby if they’re napping in the pram.

The patent-pending design keeps water and dirt contained on the Pram Sled, providing an elegant solution which is suitable for any home surroundings.


No more washing wheels or dismantling the pram.

No more unsightly floor coverings.

Lightweight and portable.


Having a Pram Sled also means your pram or pushchair stays ready for your next journey, making venturing out with your baby much easier!

Check out the website to find out about the many benefits to owning a Pram Sled, and use the selector tool to discover which size will be the perfect fit for your pushchair, pram or stroller.

Happy sledding!

Main Address: The Original Hudson Pram Sled, Details available on request


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