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Labyrinth of Nurture

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Natural Movement Classes For Whole-Body Health And Well-Being.

Helping you to move better and feel better at any stage in your life.

Restoring mobility, confidence, and flexibility to your body. Pregnant women and post-partum women often find my classes very beneficial in preparation for an active birth and restoring the pelvic floor strength and core function. When your life is rich with movement, not only will your mobility be improved but your mental and physical wellbeing will be too.


Prepare body and mind for birth with Move for Birth Classes. Exercises to help  prepare your body for an active birth, different positions for labour, and breathing techniques, add in relaxation, mindfulness and visualisation and you have the perfect mix for your birth preparation.


If you have been doing kegels with no reduction in your bladder leakage then this 12 week programme is for you. Pelvic Floor Restore programme uses the whole-body method to help increase function and health of your pelvic floor.

Post-partum exercise classes help to strengthen your pelvic floor against incontinence sneezes or ‘sneeze pee’, restore your core, and relieve pelvic girdle pain. If you’re seeking an explanation for why these changes are occurring and how best to strengthen yourself against them, then you will benefit from the corrective exercises and postural adjustments taught in this class.

This programme will help restore your body’s movement and flexibility by treating what is tight, what is weakened, what needs strengthening, and what needs to be released. It works to restore equilibrium to your post-partum body, helping you to regain pelvic floor strength. As we work together over the 3 months I will support you to make essential changes to your lifestyle, body, and posture.


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