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KGHypnobirthing with Natalie


My name is Natalie, Im a fully qualified and practising midwife, who teaches hypnobirthing in Bicester, Kidlington and the surrounding area.

Hypnobirthing, or at least KGHypnobirthing which is what I teach, is a full antenatal training course lasting 10-12hours. As well as teaching breathing, visualisation and relaxations for use in pregnancy,labour and birth, a KGHypnobirthing course also teaches four very important elements:

1- work to release fear

2- a definitive role for partners

3- clearly defined simple daily practice

4- an important section on what the alternatives are when you have important decisions to make.

The course is offered on a one to one basis, taught within your own home OR as group sessions in Bicester. 

For further details please email me - OR via my Facebook page (KGHypnobirthing with Natalie).

Main Address: KGHypnobirthing With Natalie, BICESTER, BICESTER , Oxfordshire, OX26


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