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Kangaroo Together

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Sling and child carrying consultancy, drop in sling libraries all over Norfolk and Suffolk, home Consultations, group workshops and Peer Supporter Training.

Try a sling on, bring your own for trouble-shooting or hire one. Expecting a baby, need to carry your tearful newborn, need hands free for your toddler or carrying a pre-schooler on holiday! We cater for all.

Book a time slot with us to guarantee you get advice! 

So come and see what all the babywearing fuss is about:

* crying reduced by up to 51% at night

* hands free to get jobs done

* save your back

* alleviate reflux

* protect their future mental health!

* Promotes greater attachment and bonding

* looks great

* Aids Breastfeeding

* May alleviate PND

* Great exercise 

* Come and find your perfect carrier. 

We also sell new and preloved slings and a wide range of slingy accessories including leg warmers and teething necklaces 🙏🏼👍🤗😍💖.

If you wish to book a one-to-one home Consultation for longer specifically tailored assistance, then please message us separately at www.kangaroo-together.co.uk