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Dogs Bumps Babies & Beyond

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Dogs Bumps Babies & Beyond 'Helping to prepare your dog for family life'

Dogs Bumps Babies & Beyond is here to support expectant families and families with babies/toddlers/young children in East Anglia that have a family dog. Whether you are expecting your first baby, have a baby or toddler already, or even have another baby on the way DBBB is here to help set you and your dog up for success. With the ever-changing dynamics of family life as a newborn arrives and as they grow into a toddler, every developmental stage can create changes for your dog. DBBB can help you understand what these changes might mean for your family dog, and how you can keep them as a safe and valued family member. DBBB offers a variety of services including:

  • International Dogs & Storks® and Dogs & Toddlers™ Programs as both Workshops and Home Visits
  • Practical Training Follow Up Home Visits
  • Problem Behaviour Consultations (within the realms of Baby/Toddler/Child and Dog Dynamics)
  • New Baby Home Visits
  • Pre-Dog/Puppy Home Visits
  • New Dog/Puppy Home Visits
  • Games for Bonding Home Visits
  • Cats & Babies Program ‘Helping to prepare your cat for family life’ as both Workshops and Home Visits