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Core Harmony Fitness

Core Harmony Fitness is a womens only fitness class. Believing in true core and pelvic floor health and infusing that into fitness using up to date education.

At Core Harmony Fitness I believe in true core & pelvic floor health and infusing that into fitness using up to date education, techniques and leaving the “old school” methods behind. 

My 6 week core & pelvic floor programme will teach you skills you can use for a lifetime, educate you into the importance of core & pelvic floor health, get you moving and exercising in safe ways and most importantly help stop or alliviate common symptoms of poor core health such as :- Incontinence, low back ache, mild to moderate prolapses, “ mummy tummy”, and more.

A programme that is suitable for all levels of fitness and a crucial starting point for returning back to exercising safely post baby, no matter how many years ago that was.

Also suitable for women in ANY phase of life and can be incredibly helpful for those entering menopause.

The 6 week programme is currently being held in Red Lodge on Friday mornings and Ely on Saturday mornings. I am also available for private sessions and I am Hypopressives trained for those interested in that technique.

Babies are welcome to classes and I fully support any way you choose to feed your baby and will make sure you feel comfortable to do so.

For more information please contact the Core Harmony Fitness Facebook page where I’m always happy to answer any questions or concerns alternatively email me at

Women future proofing their bodies 💕


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