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Casting Wonders is a 3D life casting business, creating bespoke casts and impressions of hands and feet for families of all ages from newborns, large sibling families and parents too. These can be displayed both framed or freestanding.

I work from home, based in a small town of Harleston in Norfolk. By working from home my working hours can be flexible ranging from weekdays, weekends and evenings if needed to help accommodate all families.

How it works:


When you contact me for a quote i will discuss with you what design/layout you are looking for and the number of casts. I will then quote you accordingly to the requests made.


The initial appointment will be booked after accepting the quote and a £50 non-refunadable deposit will be requested via bank transfer.

The appointment arranged will consist of a 45min/1hr time slot where the moulds of the child/children will be taken. The alginate (moulding material) takes around 2-3 minutes to set then we're done.

Once the moulds are taken, its time to do the fun bit of choosing the frame colour, mount colours, name plaques colours and fonts and finally the casts paint colour. With a great selection of all different areas, this may be the point that takes more time.

What next...?

After you have had your appointment, it's time to leave it in my hands to fill the moulds with casting mixture, reveal the casts and prepare them for painting and framing. The casts take around 3 weeks to completely dry out (any less and there can be a risk of mould fur). Then I allow for an additional 3 weeks for painting, framing and ensuring the product is perfect before collection. Sometimes during busy periods of the year, this timing can be longer. I will of course inform you of the process time on booking and any urgent enquiries will try to be met where possible.


When the frame has been completed and ready for collection, I will make contact with you to arrange a convenient time for you to collect. At this point i will ask for you to pay the remaining balance either by bank transfer before or when you attend or cash on collection.

These casts are an incredibly precious keepsake to remember a stage of life that is gone in the flash of an eye. So please get in touch to book your appointment before the moment has gone.

Please get in touch for further information and personal quotes.

Gift Vouchers also available.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Louise @ Casting Wonders

Main Address: Casting Wonders, Harvest Way, Harleston, Norfolk, IP20 9GD


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