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Bluebell Naming Ceremonies is a new adventure for me, but something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. The idea first came to mind when we organised my daughter’s naming ceremony. I thought what a privilege it would be to create and deliver such a wonderful celebration. Families are formed in all sorts of ways (my youngest daughter is adopted) and it’s my ambition to create beautiful events which celebrate these important moments in life, in whatever form they might take.
Like many people, I don’t have a particular faith, so a naming ceremony was the perfect way for me to welcome my children into the world. I love language and the power and subtlety of words, so my quest is to create modern naming ceremonies that are personal to you, that recognise the joy, diversity and informality of family life in the 21st century, but that carry moments of reflection too.
Get in touch for celebrant services and inspiration for naming ceremonies in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.
Anne O'Brien | Celebrant

Main Address: Bluebell Naming Ceremonies, Mead Road, Barford St John, Oxfordshire, OX15 0PW


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