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BestMilk are here to offer you and your baby the highest quality breast milk. Without having to find a wetnurse.

At one of the busiest times of your life, you can rest assured knowing that our wetnurses have had all the necessary screening and serological testing to the highest standards, incorporating NHS NICE Clinical Guidelines 93.  All this, and we can deliver BestMilk direct to your door, ready to nourish your baby immediately!

Who is Best Milk for?

Parents of premature infants

Parents of babies who need breast milk as a part of healing therapy

Parents on induced lactation

Parents of surrogate and adopted babies who cannot breastfeed

Parents of hungry babies who need extra top up

Mums who struggle with breastfeeding

Bestmilk deliver the 100% pure breast milk in glass bottles to protect the breast milk from dangerous carcinogens present in plastic.

How it works:

1) Fill Order Now Form (

2) In the Message outline the age of your child and why you would like to order breast milk;

3) Our advisor will call you back shortly and help you to choose the best option for you and place the order;

4) Depending on the option and package you choose, breast milk will be delivered to you via our designated courier;

5) We offer a free follow-up consultations with our experienced breastfeeding specialist who will provide support and guidance;

6) If you are referred by your doctor or lactation specialist, please provide us with the their details. 


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