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Amber's Language, Music & Play

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Magical, musical French classes for young children 

I'm a qualified teacher and a home educating mum of three and I created Amber’s Language, Music and Play as my own unique way of teaching French to young children and their parents.  Before Covid, all of my lessons were face-to-face, but I am now online for the forseeable future and enjoying recreating activities that you can easily do at home.

I now teach live classes over Zoom which are:

  • Small (up to 8 families)
  • Musical (traditional French songs and specially created teaching songs)
  • and fun (using actions, dancing or games and simple sensory play)

and pre-recorded class to view in your own time.  Classes come with weekly activities to help you learn at home.

Zoom classes are usually taught in three different age groups:

  • Stage 1: 18-36 mths
  • Stage 2: 3-5 years
  • Stage 3: 6-8 years

However, this January, only stage 3 Zoom classes will be available, with all the content for younger children being delivered via my pre-recorded option.  My classes for younger children have always included an element of sensory play and I have worked hard to incorporate this into my pre-recorded classes.  We use items that are easy to get hold of, like play-dough, scarves and pom poms to make the learning extra fun.  I also recommend activities that you can do outside of lessons to help build vocabulary.

This January's topic is On y va ! (Let's go!) and is all about travelling to places such as the park and the vehicles we might use to get there.  We also look at different types of vehicles that work.  The content becomes more advanced as your children get older. 

You can book a series of five classes for £30, or you can order pre-recorded videos for £12 or £18 per topic, depending on your chosen package.  

Please get in touch if you are interested in classes.

Main Address: Amber's Language, Music & Play, 18 Lady Warwick Avenue, Bedworth, Warwickshire, CV12 9HR


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Fun French Thursdays

Ages: 1 years 1 mths - 3 years 6 mths

Next Date: 21st Jan 2021

Venue: Online

Stage 3 French (6-8 years)

Ages: 6 years - 8 years 11 mths

Next Date: 21st Jan 2021

Venue: Online

Pre-recorded French Class (Basic package) 18m-6yrs

Ages: 1 years 6 mths - 6 years 11 mths

Next Date: 22nd Jan 2021

Venue: Online

Pre-recorded French Class (Extras)

Ages: 1 years 6 mths - 6 years 11 mths

Next Date: 22nd Jan 2021

Venue: Online