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Launching the Toddle About Blog

  [caption id="attachment_48" align="alignright" width="270"]Aaaah, spring time! Aaaah, spring time![/caption] Spring is a time of new beginnings and I’m hugely excited to announce the launch of the Toddle About Blog! We see the blog as an extension of the Toddle About Magazine. We receive loads of great feedback from our readers about the magazine (thank you for that!) but we are also well aware that the printed format – for all its benefits – does have some drawbacks. The main limitation is that the magazine comes out every 3 months – and we would ideally like to stay in touch with you more regularly than that! Also, the magazine is very expensive to produce, so we inevitably have to cut out content from the magazine that we would love to share with you. The blog gives us a way to

stay in touch with you in a more timely and immediate manner – and it allows us to share more great content with you! So what can you expect from the blog? We will be sharing baby and toddler news, events, activities and craft ideas  through this blog but, most excitingly, we have put together a first class team of parenting experts who will be sharing their advice and wisdom with us. Our experts all have different backgrounds, from counselling and coaching to hypnotherapy and clinical psychology. You may not agree with everything they say, but that’s not really the point. Yes, I’m hoping that their thoughts and ideas will give us something to take away that will have a positive impact on our lives, but I’m also hoping that they will spark a debate and a sharing of ideas from all our readers. And I’m hoping you will get involved with that. It is my sincere belief that, as parents, we are all experts in parenting to one degree or another. And I believe we can help each other. I’m hoping this blog will be the catalyst that allows us to do just that. So, what do you think? For starters, I would love to hear what topics you would like our Panel of Experts to write about. The more the merrier – and there is no silly suggestion! If you want help with something, I’m sure there are hundreds of other parents reading this who will be in the same boat. Please leave a reply below with your suggestions! Thanks for reading – and watch out for our next post. Tim Partner/Editor, Toddle About Magazine PS If you want to receive an email notifying you when we next publish a blog post, you can subscribe on the right hand side of this page.